Submission. What if…


…Markiplier has a crush on the cashier woman at the store where he bought his tiara, his flubber, his goop, etc. And he goes to the store every day so he can talk to her.

That’s why he’s always so happy on camera when he gets to show us his purchase. Because it reminds him of her.

[oosh reply: I want this to be true because it’s fooping adorable.]

Maybe he saw her and wanted to talk to her so that’s why he bought all that stuff :D

Markiplier Challenge: Day 19!

Which of Mark’s gameplays scared you the most?

Well, I’m a big scaredy cat so all horror games scare me. But the worst was probably Elementary Memories because of the jumpscares. I remember watching it with my roommate and the part when the creature went through the freaking door made us scream. The Cursed Forest was pretty bad too